Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Gamepad Controller – Best You Can Get ?


You can play all your games on your android phone by using this  Bluetooth and the controller  and it will only cost you only about 1400 or something like that depending on the conversion rate at that time. Loving it by playing games, it feels so classy and hand free while playing this controller.

Key Features :

  • Adopted Samsung toughening materials, effectively prevent scratching.
  • High accuracy four goals positioning cross key.
  • 360° high accuracy remote sensing.
  • Very strict production process, above 1 million times compressions.
  • Top asymmetric double motor vibration, realistic experience.
  • Built-in G-sensor, 3 axle load acceleration.
  • Wireless 3.0 Bluetooth function, instant reaction.
  • Powered by 2 AA battery, 80 hours standard time,4 hours working time

Buy here: http://goo.gl/M0YNtl


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