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Your 101 guide into advanced threat intelligence


When it comes to cybersecurity, most companies or people aren’t really doing enough to protect against the complex development of cyber threats over the recent years by using advanced threat intelligence. However, companies that are focusing on cybersecurity have a multitude of different software in place to help protect their software, devices, and access portals from attackers. Keeping your data secure is essential to ensuring your business stays on a healthy growth path from proprietary software to your software stack in the industry.

If you can’t keep your data safe from attackers, you can’t keep your business protected from a massive leak that could leave employees and trade secrets at risk. That’s why so many companies have started to explore advanced threat intelligence as a means of protecting their databases and server activities.

What is threat intelligence?

 threat intelligence

Threat intelligence is an advanced system that compares traffic patterns and signals to learn more about software or database’s potential flaws and vulnerabilities. Then, they use the information from attacks to figure out ways that attackers take advantage of, so you can figure out how to protect against it.

The overall goal of threat intelligence is to understand attacks of a high level, so defence measures are easier to implement and response times are reduced. In addition, by understanding these advanced persistent threats, or APTs, we can help all of the software in our stacks improve their security by unearthing vulnerabilities in the software your company uses every day.

This is important for your safety and the safety of any customers using those products. As a matter of fact, some companies even hold contests and put bounties on finding the pathways and vulnerabilities in the software.

The three main types of threat intelligence

3 significant types of threat intelligence are actively used and developed upon tactical, operational, and strategic threat intelligence.

Tactical Threat Intelligence

Tactical threat intelligence refers to the analysis and enrichment of malware. It takes static data from attackers and software triggers to put up defensive measures against future threats. In addition, the information gathered and used can help strengthen firewalls and endpoints by securing the data through encryption. Think of this as the threat intelligence mechanic that focuses on a particular issue at a time.

Operational Threat Intelligence

Operational threat intelligence focuses more on the capabilities and resources that are used by attackers. This information is then reformed and reshaped to leverage safety protocols against attacks swiftly and efficiently. The information gathered through operational threat intelligence is an integral part of creating a response plan for emergencies.

If an emergency should occur, there is no better information than that collected by operational threat intelligence to fix the breach. This is the racing driver of threat intelligence that understands and learns from new techniques used.

Strategic Threat Intelligence

Strategic threat intelligence is a high-level look at the trends and potential threats from attackers. This information is mainly used to create going forward plans and change which software you choose to use now and in the future.

For example, if the security of one application conflicts with a cornerstone application, it’s time to find a replacement option for one of them, so your technology stack works together in a seamless integration of functionality and security.

This information is the overlapping owner of threat intelligence and can create and develop your strategic vision for the future.

How to choose the right threat intelligence tools

Picking the right threat intelligence tools is a critical part of your operations. If you choose the wrong tool, it might not work with your software or devices the way it needs to and could ultimately lead to you not getting everything out of such a complex tool.

When picking between intelligence tools, take the time to list everything used throughout your business that connects to your server. Whether it be laptops, phones, tablets, application portals, 3rd-party software, and the like.

The more information you have going into the hunt, the easier it will be to find a threat intelligence tool that suits your company’s needs.

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