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30% Cashback on Top PC Games on NovaPlay Lock-n-Load Sale


NovaPlay is back again with some amazing offer and discount on its Lock-n-Load Sale. NovaPlay is an Indian leading platform for multiplayer gaming communities, which offers the online game, steam wallet and so much more. The website is a favorite den of gamers. The company is offering various popular games on their website, which you can get at best price.  The sale will start from 21st October and will end on 24th October. NovaPlay is looking forward to expanding their users on a large scale and to reach out to more games in India.

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The gamers will get flat 30% cashback on all product on the Nova Store. The cashback will be given as NovaCoins, which the customer can use as wallet money or purchase any other item from the NovaStore. There is few special offer, which will give on Steam Wallet and Counter Global offensive.

Some deals running on NovaPlay Lock-n-Load Sale:

Lead TitlesStreet PriceNovaPlay PriceCashback (%)Effective Price
Steam Wallet: INR 15015015030%105
Steam Wallet: INR 25025025030%175
Steam Wallet Bundle 145045030%315
Steam Wallet Bundle 250050030%350
Steam Wallet Bundle 375075030%525

Some deals running on NovaPlay Lock-n-Load Sale

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