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5 Best Alternatives to Google AdSense 2020

If you are on a mission to find a great alternative to Google AdSense, then probably your application got rejected or your AdSense account got banned by the mighty search giant. If it was your first or second time applying, then we recommend that you go through the rules and ensure you comply with the terms of service before resubmitting your application. We understand those terms are a pain to understand but it’s important you comply with them not only to get approval but to also avoid any future problems.

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It is unfortunate if you got banned from AdSense but worry not, it is not the end of the world for you and you will not be living in a dump or playing ‘catch me if you can’ with the landlord. There are a ton of alternatives to Google’s AdSense out there, to cut you some slack, we have compiled what we believe are the five best alternatives to Google AdSense.

5 Best Alternatives to Google AdSense 💰

1 1. Infolinks

2 2. Media.Net

3 3. Propeller Ads Advertising Network

4 4. Chitika

5 5. BuySellAds



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