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Snapchat Hack

Crazy Snapchat Hack You Will Wish You Knew

I have a confession to make: my daily screen time is 11 hours, most of which I spend on social media! Before you begin...
Secret Snapchat Tricks

22 Secret Snapchat Tricks 2020 – You Might Not Know About

They call this Snapchat tricks for a reason, and the reason is that the application’s best features are mostly hidden or somehow not instinctive...
nano sanitizer spray machine Nano Sanitizer Machine

Nano Sanitizer Spray Machine Launched on Marill.in

Today, Marill.in, an emerging e-commerce website has launched a new Nano Sanitizer Spray Machine in India that aims to help people in staying safe...

LEROU Automatic Head Massage Robot

Having a busy work schedule or an inconvenience of time, people hardly get any time to rest or relax. Due to tiredness or depression,...

WALSUN: World’s Smallest Fingerprint Disc Lock!

Have you ever caught in a situation where you have to go somewhere important, and you lost the keys of your bike? You are...

Wow! Tiger&Rose Earbuds Inspired by Tiger

Whether streaming on Netflix or listening to your favourite songs, earphones are an essential part of modern life. The fashion of headsets with wireless...

Chesona H1 Pro – The Most Functional Keyboard for iPad Pro

Though iPad Pro is remarkably powerful yet it lacks in ports. Chesona H1 Pro is the world’s first 5-in-1 hub iPad Pro keyboard case....

MOKiN: Extend your Screen Wirelessly

Have you ever thought of a device that would solve the problem of extra cables or additional wire connections or detangling of wires before...

CZUR Shine Ultra Scanner – Next Gen Portable Scanner 2020

Have you ever thought that scanning would be so easy and interesting that you can scan an entire book in minutes and can make video...

Best AirPod Clones that are Worth Buying (2020) | Fake Airpods

Apple’s AirPod wireless earbuds that come with Bluetooth and can also be charged wirelessly. They are designed to be compatible with Apple products such...

GetInsta Review 2020 – Get Free Instagram Followers!

Nowadays, Digital platforms are popular and necessary for everybody and all types of enterprises, as well as businesses, to advertise and promote their products...
Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story? Here’s How to Stop it!

One thing all of us have done at one time or another is to take a screenshot of anyone’s post/stories on social media. So...