Akyumen Mobile in IIT Chennai College

Akyumen Mobile in IIT Chennai College
At IIT Chennai, India’s one of the biggest fests, Akyumen Mobile made a mark by talking to students and pepping them up for their future.They also conducted fun games and gave away goodies to the students.Is it a new sign of a 4G revolution by Akyumen in India Soon!
Akyumen Mobile already have tied up with NDTV and several stakeholders worldwide for business development. Hitesh Shyam from Akyumen also spent a lot of time with students, such initiatives enhance the companies purpose!

If you don’t know about Akyumen, it is a technology company that is launching their innovative Smart Projector Phones & Tablet. Akyumen is now planning to launch it products in India very Soon.

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It will be very interesting to see a unique device in the Indian market. As projector phone can be a game changer for business and entertainment consumers in India.You can also pre-order their devices from their site.

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