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Baby’s First Smart Diaper: Pampers Takes ‘Wearables’ to a Whole New Level

With the advancement in technology, everybody to make their life easy and sorted with hi-tech technologies. With the increase in “smart” options for babies and younger children, too, parents nowadays are choosing technology to raise their children in a safe and healthy environment. With this thought, Pampers introduces smart wearable diapers for babies. It works with all new ‘connected care system’ called Lumi.

Lumi helps in tracking the baby’s activity through a sensor that is attached to the diapers. The sensor sends an alert to an app notification when a diaper is wet. It also notifies the user about the information on the baby’s sleep and wake times. It allows parents to manually track additional data, like dirty diapers and feeding time.

Though the technology used is smart, innovative and helpful yet the child’s privacy is still a concern as because of the widespread connectivity of devices. In most of the scenarios, it is still unclear about the security of data. Lumi system encrypts all data and uses the same standard of security as the financial services industry. The system does not currently include two-factor authentications.

The main aim of this smart wearable diapers is to make the life of parent’s stress less and effortless. The device ensures parents to raise children in a better way.

Varnit Yadav
Varnit Yadav
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