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10 Best Offline Music Apps For Android To Listen Songs Without Internet

More often than not, your favorite songs are all that can fix your mood and cheer up your world. Music is not just an art form – it has long become a way of life. Be it work, play, celebrations or even gym these days; none can do without music. Access to music should be simple and while there are people who can make their own music, some of us still need to rely on more material resources. For more people like us, it would do a ton of good to have more Offline Music Apps or cache music apps that let you stream music offline, with ease.

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When it comes to preferences, some cannot get over the good old classics whilst another bunch can’t wait to check out the latest trending song that hits the market. If you are obsessed about your music like most people are, it is not the best idea to store your entire collection on the memory card. Luckily, there are some offline music apps that let you play cache music.

You can also stream music offline without touching your data through some music player apps. And we are here to discuss some of those music player applications without WiFi that you can install to listen to free music offline.

Stream music offline without burning your data “

With the use of offline music applications that are available on Android and iOS, you can now listen to music on your device without using up your internet connection. These music apps allow users to listen to music on offline mode and to do it in comfort.

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This post deals with just that in the form of the best few music applications that play music without an active internet connection. Let’s read through and find out!

Here is 10 Best Offline Music Apps For Android List:

1. iHeartRadio

[appbox googleplay com.clearchannel.iheartradio.controller screenshots]

You are probably already using this or have, at some point used this one. iHeartRadio is one of the top music streaming applications available for all major platforms. It gives you access to over 800 radio stations that have host foundations in the US region. This application also lets you create your own custom stations based on their genre, artist, band or songs.
They host new songs that click with your taste in the holiday seasons and claims having around 18 million songs by over 400,000 artists and 1000+ of live streaming stations. And with songs being added to different genres almost every day, it just keeps getting better. Instead of going by this, you could also install and check out Live Radio yourself!

2. Slacker Radio

[appbox googleplay com.slacker.radio screenshots]

Serving millions of users every day, Slacker Radio app is one of the top guns in the offline music streaming app industry. The best part about this application is that it makes it very easy for you to find genre specific music numbers. Also, it gives you the customization perk just as the one mentioned before this one.
Slacker Radio is free and it provides users with subscription access to many songs and other human powered music stations on mobile, web, in-car entertainment and consumer electronics. You just have to pick a station based on genre or artist and start listening.

3. Pandora

[appbox googleplay com.pandora.android screenshots]

Pandora is the first name that pops up when speaking of the best offline music streaming applications. If you are on the lookout for new trending music stations where you can find music offline, then here is your pick. Pandora is absolutely one of the best offline music services available. Although, some might find the stock on Pandora limited as compared to the collection on other similar apps but its features more than compensate for the same.

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Along with typical exciting features, it also has the alarm clock that wakes you up with your favorite soundtrack. Much like every other music app, this will also allow you to create a radio station with similar music.

4. SoundCloud

[appbox googleplay com.soundcloud.android screenshots]

The big music giant is here and with it comes a whole plethora of mixes and tracks uploaded by musicians all the time on SoundCloud. It is a popular favorite with the ability to host millions of songs and music numbers. All you need to do is sign up and you are all set to listen to your favorite music or certain songs that never lost the charm.

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SoundCloud lets the artist or user interact with an app to create the custom playlist with their favorite songs. It also provides the local artist a platform to upload their own songs to SoundCloud with an opportunity to be able to reach out to other users across the globe.

5. Spotify

[appbox googleplay com.spotify.music  screenshots]

Spotify is a majorly popular music streaming application for the majority of people. This app includes an exciting hub along with BBC’s playlist services with around 20 million tracks available for regular streaming. You can expect to find intensive privacy as compared to any other music app out there. When you are connected with your social media profiles, it will automatically keep sharing your current playlist.
Desktop access for Spotify is free but mobile use requires payment. It will cost you around $12.99 a month with ads removed on the paid version.

6. Google Play Music

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.music screenshots]

Google Play Music does not require an introduction as most Android users are more than familiar with it. With this app, you can listen to music, radio from over 50,000 song collections. This can be accessed from the computer with ease, without facing any major drawbacks. You can go through the offline features offered and it can synchronize iOS device with iTunes in a short bit with just few clicks. Google Play Music is worth a shot and when you do try, don’t forget to let us know how it went in the comments below.

7. Deezer

[appbox googleplay deezer.android.app  screenshots]

Deezer is another offline music streaming app for both iOS and Android. You can conveniently access your favorite songs by searching for it. It has some good tracks and also allows you to make up endless playlists with your favorite songs, albums, artists, radio stations, audio channels on the app and listen to music offline on your device. It also lets you sing along with your favorite music superstars by displaying and helping out with the lyrics.

8. Wynk Music

[appbox googleplay com.bsbportal.music  screenshots]

Wynk is a free offline music application for Android and iOS users. The collection of free music found here is pretty amazing. You can find your favorite number by accessing search and conveniently listen to it offline. You can search by genre – emotional, pop, bhangra, Bollywood, old romantic, retro etc. or simply by its title. Regional languages music like Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu or Gujarati is also not far off reach through search on the Wynk Music app.

9. Gaana

[appbox googleplay com.gaana screenshots]

Gaana is yet another fresh popular app that offers you good, free music and unlimited access to your favorite songs on a quick, perky application. You can practically dig up any song by its title or even genre on your mobile phone anytime, anyplace on the Gaana app.
From trending Bollywood numbers, old classics to regional songs – they have it all and they have it good. Along with these, have fun listening to millions of Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu, Punjabi, Oriya, Bengali and other regional songs on your mobile.

10. Saavn

[appbox googleplay com.saavn.android screenshots]

Saavn is a similar application for both Android and iOS access. This too gives you the whole Hindi, English, Punjabi and other regional songs collection to choose from. It allows you to scout through its collection and listen to tracks offline with ease, even with mobile data turned off. Online radio for any mood, genre, song or artist can also be searched and accessed through the app.


That was our take on the top offline music streaming apps and we cannot wait to hear from you. Let us know what you think in the comments below on which one is your favorite. Which of the above, according to you is the best music streaming app ever?
Drop by to comment and stay tuned for more!

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