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Teamviewer Alternatives: Best Remote Desktop Software for Windows (2020)

Chrome Remote Desktop

The remote desktop program is an operating system feature, which enables users to view a computer’s desktop and control it remotely. It is a great way to keep in touch with the files and manage them from anywhere. Team Viewer is a tool for you to start on the remote desktop. Even though Team Viewer has many functionalities it still keeps you away from some premium feature. Security is one of the major issues that cause many users to go for an alternative and also it charges a hefty fee for the business version. Besides TeamViewer, there are several free and better remote desktop software alternatives that are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and browser-based to help with your remote desktop access needs.

Best Teamviewer Alternatives You Can Download

1 Supremo

2 Any desk

3 Real VNC

Real VNC is a software that consists of a server and client application for the virtual network computing protocol to control another computer remotely. For desktop-to-desktop connection, real VNC runs on Windows, Mac OS and on many Unix-like operating systems. Moreover, the Real VNC client also runs on the Java platform and on your Mac, Windows, Linux and Google Android devices. It uses RFB protocol and defaults to TCP port 5900. The VNC protocol is pixel based which leads to great flexibility. You can Download it from HERE.

4 Chrome Remote Desktop

5 Ammyy Admin

6 WebEx meeting

7 LogMeIn Pro

8 Join.me

9 Splashtop Personal



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