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Capsule: The World’s Most Advanced Pocket Cinema

We all find entertainment as the only source of relaxation from our hectic life. Some of us have fun while watching television, while some of us find smartphones amusing. Some of us enjoy music or watch movies for entertainment purposes. But all of these sources of entertainment are restricted to a certain environment or are compromised due to lack of a decent technology like low-quality speakers in phones, etc. Thus, hereby introducing with Capsule by Nebula: the world’s most advanced pocket cinema. It is available in the size of a soda can and contains a smart projector and 360° speakers.

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How does it work?

It comes in a sleek size of a soda can which you can take anywhere you want. You can connect it with your smartphone and project whatever you feel like over a 100-inch big screen. For movies and videos, 360° speakers give you a real cinema experience. Nebula capsule can deliver up to 2.5 hours of continuous video or 40 hours of non-stop music on a single charge.


  • Nebula Capsule uses Digital Light Processing technology to project bright and vivid pictures.
  • 360° speakers are able to produce sound with enhanced treble and bass.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 is enabled to make this speaker as an independent speaker.
  • It uses Anker’s advanced battery technology which not only provides extended playtime but also enables its quick charging.
  • It runs on the latest Android 7.0.
  • It can be used in several ways like as a screen mirror, or to project HDMI device and flash drives can be connected to it via USB port.

Why should you buy it?

Nebula Capsule is an immersive cinema

An average phone has 326 pixels per inch, but it doesn’t allow a big picture. Many other reasons like small screen, uncomfortable viewing, poor battery life or a weak audio effect can really compromise your entertainment process.

If you’re a regular movie or TV series fan, Capsule is just made for you. Moreover, its size is so optimal that you can take it anywhere you feel like. You can use its amazing speakers in parties or gatherings to make them more enjoyable. We may say that portable entertainment will never be the same again.


So far the product is available on a pre-order basis, for more information on the launch check out their Indegogo campaign. As far as we know, the pricing of the device is 299$.

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Aayush Dayal
Aayush Dayal
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