Airing micro-CPAP

Airing: micro-CPAP to Fight Against Sleeping Disorders

Technology is a total waste if it does not bring ease to mankind. I think, one of the best gift of technology is this...

Change your Way to Read & Write with reMarkable Paper Tablet

Do you still like reading and writing on paper despite the innovation of those advanced gadgets like tablets and e-readers? We have found a...
Arrow Smartwatch with 360 Rotating HD Camera for iOS & Android

Arrow Smartwatch with 360 Rotating HD Camera for iOS & Android

Founded by Dan and George, Arrow Smartwatch was converted from a concept to a reality over a period of 3 years. This is a...
JIBO, The World's First Social Robot for the Home

Smarter your Life with Jibo Robot🤖 – World’s First Social Robot for Home

What they say about technology is true. Everything is indeed possible. In this world of gadgets and innovative products, the IoT devices are slowly...
VIITA Smartwatch - AI Wearable Fitness Coach

VIITA Smartwatch – AI Wearable Fitness Coach

Have you ever thought of having a watch that can not only tell time but can also act as a personal health coach? Well!...

Homemade DIY Power Bank

These days everyone need a power bank, everyone is having one or other kind of power bank which they have bought. But what if...
Matrix Power Watch

Matrix PowerWatch- SmartWatch ⌚️ that charge with your Body Heat

Ever thought of having a watch that you don't want to change? A watch that can last till your entire life. The batteries or...
ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch

ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch ⌚️ with hands over Screen – Future of Smartwatch?

There are plenty of gadgets in the market, but only few them catches our eye. And when you are looking in the smartwatches market,...

SunBank : World’s Smartest Solar Portable Charger

So, isn’t it too late to talk about clean energy or solar system tech? I don’t think so. Well, we have seen many solar...
Noria Window Air Conditioner

New Smarter Way to Stay Cool using Noria Air conditioner 🆒

We all know, during summer moisture in the atmosphere is maximum, and air conditioners are boon in summer. These devices have designed in such...
Sgnl Smart band

Make call with your fingertips☝️ using Sgnl Smart band

Childhood doll games are coming into reality these days. The fake call that you did with your hand when you were a kid, it...
Instantly Communicate in over 80 languages with Travis

Speak 80 Languages in Just 2 Seconds with TRAVIS Translator

Technology has helped mankind in several ways. We can say that it is a boon of technology that a device named Travis: the translator...