The ArchiSketch Will Help You Re-design Your Interior 🏠

A smart product is always the one that minimises your work efforts, it could be anything home assistant, Google or this one particular device...
iMCO CoWatch alexa

iMCO CoWatch: The World’s First Smartwatch with Alexa Assistant

Smart watch integrated with Amazon Alexa is amazing. The cloud based intelligent voice service never run out of fashion trends. Be it kid, gentleman...

Sound without headphones 🎧, magic of Zungle Sunglasses😎

The world is getting smarter day by day. People want their gadgets to do multitasking and have several features so that they don't have...
Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Control your Home Temperature Smartly with Nest Learning Thermostat

Saving energy is a bright idea but the question is how can we save energy or our resources? To resolve this problem, we have...
Boult Audio Twinpods

Best True Wireless Headphones under 3000 Rs – Boult Audio Twinpods!

Boult Audio is a gadget brand that provides high-quality audio products at exceptional prices. It is an audio brand hailing from India and one...
Pilot Translator

Translate any Language in Seconds with Pilot Translator

A language is a necessary tool for any kind of communication, even people with speech impairments communicate with sign language and braille. Communication becomes...
The Drift W1: Experience Segway's New Age E-Skates

The Drift W1: Experience Segway’s New Age E-Skates

Segway is an American manufacturer of two-wheeled personal transporters that holds many key patents. Segway introduces new electric skates named as the Drift w1...

SunBank : World’s Smartest Solar Portable Charger

So, isn’t it too late to talk about clean energy or solar system tech? I don’t think so. Well, we have seen many solar...

The First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones : Liberty+

Earphones have become important mobile accessories, or you can say a must needed accessories nowadays. But this time with Liberty Plus, get ready to...
Myo: A Gesture Control ArmBand

Control Gadgets Like IronMan with Myo Gesture Control ArmBand

Ever wanted to control the devices around you like a wizard or more appropriately ‘Iron Man’? If your answer is yes and you’re as...

Can this Everlast Notebook last till eternity? 🤔

What is a technological revolution? Is it going to mars or changing a century-old tradition? Well, I am not sure about anyone of that,...

Alpha Glass: First Casual AR SmartGlasses for Everyday Life

The alpha glass is the very first of the Augmented Reality smart glasses, which is designed like casual spectacles. With a little or negligible...