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Children Should Learn How Technology Works While They’re Young

Adults today didn’t grow up with smartphones. The video games we played as kids seem quaint to children now, who think nothing of the advanced technology around them because it’s all they’ve ever known.

Kids today are fluent in digital technology, which may baffle adults. Kids will have a healthier relationship with apps, websites, and video games when they understand the underlying coding that makes it possible.

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Here are a few reasons why parents should introduce computer coding to children when they’re young and what the best online coding sessions look like. 

Normalize Coding and the Devices They Run On

Parents today wonder how much screen time children should get. If you do anything too much, it can be unhealthy, and this is true of spending too long reading books, playing games, or being on the computer.

It’s not only a question of time spent but what exactly kids do with it. Spending time learning how to code is nothing like squandering time on a hollow, empty video game. And some video games help kids learn, stimulate their imagination, and can benefit their thinking patterns in other ways.

When children take a weekend coding class for kids, they’ll have a fuller understanding of the underlying technology all around them. Peeking behind the scenes at what’s driving the apps, websites, and games they play peels back some of the mystery and magic of digital technology, setting the groundwork for a healthier relationship with the devices they use every day.

Powerful Coding Languages

From the outside, it may seem like there’s one thing called “computer skills” that people do or don’t have. However, computer programmers use specific languages, and some are more useful to know than others.

When selecting a coding program for your child, be on the lookout for one that teaches:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

By showing your kids the coding languages used to develop popular apps like Netflix or video games like Minecraft, they’ll understand the importance of having computer skills in a visceral way.

Small Classrooms

Students perform better when they have ample support and attention from their teachers. This is hard to get in large, bustling classrooms, even in an online context.

The best coding programs have a maximum of four students per teacher, so every child gets their teacher’s full focus. Be on the lookout for programs that don’t have a mandatory minimum requirement, so you’ll know the class will run as scheduled when you sign up for it, even if your child is the lone student.

Young Teachers

The ideal teacher for kids to learn how to code video games is a young person with recent experience in computer engineering or computer science in school. Not only can they tell students what to expect when studying computers after high school, but they also grew up in an era with home video games.

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First-hand experience playing video games as kids is crucial, a type of baton passing between generations.

Immersing kids in technology and teaching them how it really works puts them on a great path toward using it safely and effectively in the future. Considering that digital technology isn’t going anywhere, that’s a great thing to do.

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