ControlZ Offers Unbeatable Prices on the Latest Unboxed Range of OnePlus Devices

ControlZ Introduces Unbeatable Prices on Latest OnePlus Devices with Unboxed Range OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8 Cases

An updated pricing point on the newest OnePlus smartphones, along with a one year guarantee, has been released by ControlZ, a top pre-owned smartphone brand in India where customers can obtain “As Good as New” handsets. The “unboxed” line now offers customers the opportunity to acquire these gadgets at the unprecedented price point of INR 19,999 to INR 50,999.

ControlZ’s “unboxed” product line includes only hardware that has passed the company’s stringent quality assurance tests and is sold with all of the manufacturer’s packaging materials. Each device is given a full component-level refresh as part of the brand’s renewal process, not just a superficial facelift.

Thanks to ControlZ’s dedication to quality, the company can provide its consumers reasonably priced, high-end smartphones. Customers may expect the same high quality as when buying a brand-new product from the unboxed collection. In addition, ControlZ backs every product it sells with a minimum 12-month guarantee, giving consumers further confidence in their purchases.

Customers may save money without compromising on quality by buying refurbished devices from ControlZ. Because of the company’s dedication to both quality and environmental responsibility, I know that my purchases are helping to make the world a better place.

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