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Convert all the youtube videos in MP3

Social media has become such a part of our lives that most websites allow you to post more than the usual text-based status: you can post your drawings, your music, your recipes, you name it, even if the content is not yours, pick a video convert to mp3 and then you can post it.

The problem is we’re so used to being online that we tend to forget outages can happen, and in those moments, boredom can be fast to arrive.

Enter MP3Hub. This tool is part of the new generation of mp3 converters. It used to be all about Youtube, but now you can convert content from pretty much anywhere (and if you can’t find your favorite website on the compatible sites list, you can ask for it to be added).

It’s easy you search for your content or paste a URL), quick and reliable.

Better yet: everything is entirely free and also anonymous. So whether you want to learn Japanese or want to listen to obscure unknown music, nobody will ever know.

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