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How to Buy LeEco Le 2 for Rs 9,000 only ?

Hi, Guys it’s a giveaway time for you guys. In this giveaway, we are giving up 4 LeEco Lemall passport and these are passport to future which will help you to purchase Le2 and LeMax 2 in the first flash sale, with the discount of up to 3000Rs on any of the device.  We are giving away 4 of these which means the total discount of 24000 Rs.

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Guys make sure we are not giving away devices but only these discount coupons. The Coupons can be used to redeem Le2 and even Le Max 2 which ever you want.The first flash sale is on 28th and the winners will be announced on 28th by 9 in the morning and till 10 Am we will be sending the coupon codes to the winners by email, and you can redeem on the same day at sale time.

 The Giveaway is Open till 28th by 8 am in the morning Indian standard time. So make sure you participate.The links to participate is given in the description down below. And we are doing this giveaway in collaboration with 24X7 Techie.

So do check out and subscribe to his channel as well. So we wish you all the best and hope you win.

LeEco Coupons

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