Screen recorder (screen recording software) is a handy and useful tool you can use to record video/audio and take a screenshot on your Windows/Mac, but there are some ready easy to use Screen Recorder. It’s vital when recording computer screen activities like creating video footage, making tutorials and upload them to YouTube, helping out a friend with a PC problem, record Internet lives radio or anything else. So, today I will give you a good choice in this review. After reading, you will know what makes it stands out of numerous screen recorders on the Google result page.

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Easy to use Screen Recorder

OnePlus 7 looks amazing in this pure screen picture
Easy to use Screen Recorder

Overview of VideoSolo Screen Recorder Features

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is simple, fluent and gets the job done without any problems coming in your way. It’s a remarkable screen recorder which owns powerful functions. What’s more, its interface is very intuitive and the colour is comfortable. The program is 100% safe so users don’t need to worry about that. And next, I’m going to highlight the three main features so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of this screen recorder program.

Video Recorder: capture screen activities on the computer to HD video;

Audio Recorder: record the audio from the computer system and microphone simultaneously;

Screen Capture: take a snapshot of particular screen areas on Windows/Mac.

Worth Trying! A Fluent and Easy to use Screen Recorder 1

Specific Features and How to use it for Creating Videos You Want

As I mentioned above, there are three main features in this program. Rich and different kinds of videos can be made with them. Three functions have their specific entrance so users easily know what they are going to do next even using it for the first time.

When you want to make a tutorial, enter into the first option: Video recorder. There are customized recording areas to record on-screen activities: full screen, fixed screen and user-defined region. The user-defined region is very convenient for uploading the tutorial to meet social software’s upload requirement.

To record a tutorial, wonderful commentary and maker’s emotion makes it more fascinating. This thoughtful screen recorder can record the Webcam, system sound and microphone simultaneously by turning on their buttons. Adjusting the volume of them is available during the record.

During your record, you can make a drawing or add annotations if you need. Some basic tools are set in the toolbox like the function “record screen automatically” by clicking “clock” icon. The highlighted mouse can be realized in VideoSolo Screen Recorder. After finishing all these settings, tap on the “REC” to make a clear tutorial. After the recording ends, you can preview the project. It makes me feel simple, convenient and thoughtful.

Worth Trying! A Fluent and Easy to use Screen Recorder 2

What about recording a demo or Internet live radio? The solution is in the second option: Audio Recorder. Turn on/off the system sound or microphone as per your need. It is worth mentioning that this program provides different audio formats (MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC) and audio qualities for users to choose. You can find all these in the settings. With this built-in software, you can record your favourite audio by just clicking “REC”.

Worth Trying! A Fluent and Easy to use Screen Recorder 3

We come to its last function: Screen Capture. Thoughtful as VideoSolo Screen Recorder, this function is also fluent and useful. Simply click the third option and then you can start to capture the fascinating moments. Before saving, some basic tools are provided in the toolbox. The output quality is also good.

Worth Trying! A Fluent and Easy to use Screen Recorder 4

For the convenience of reading and comparison, I list its pros and cons below:


  • Customize recording area: full screen, fixed screen and user-defined region.
  • Some basic edit during recording/screen capture like a circle, add text, etc.
  • Clip after recording computer screen activities.
  • Different video/audio/screenshot output format.
  • Different video quality options.
  • Record high fps games without lag
  • Hotkeys to control
  • Lightweight, simple to use
  • Uses a low amount of system resources

Worth Trying! A Fluent and Easy to use Screen Recorder 5

Just like there is no perfect person in the world, this software also has its little disadvantages. But it’s professional enough in recording Window/Mac screen.


  • Mac version cannot directly use the audio recorder because of privacy and need to install an audio driver. No editing tools in recording Mac screen but it allows to add annotations when taking a snapshot.
  • Some limitation in the trial version: cannot clip video/audio before saving, time length you can save is 3 minutes.
  • Lack of video filters and colour grading tools

Download and installation

Now we come to the download and installation part. Users can easily find the download link from its product page. By the way, its official website is also well-made. The process of download and installation may cost a little bit of time. I check its download package and make sure that there is no virus detected and no third-party installation request.

Price Plan

You can try most of its function in the trial version. As to its price, one PC costs $39.95 for a lifetime update. Compared to other similar screen recorders, it’s affordable and worth trying.

Bottom Line:

It’s an unbiased screen recorder review. VideoSolo Screen Recorder is definitely one of the best screen recorders options in the market. I love this versatile and fluent program. Now that there is a trial version which provides most of its functions, why not download to verify that am I right?


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