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First look of Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE phone priced at Rs 999


So, finally the much awaited Reliance Jio Rs. 999 phone is out which is actually a feature phone and definitely going to push the market hard. Because of this initiative take my words even the person who cannot afford a 4G volte phone can now buy this phone and take additional benefits which reliance jio is offering. Here is the first image which is being leaked from Reliance Jio Feature which is going to priced at Rs. 999.
The phone is just like any other feature phone which we see in the market with a T9 keyboard and a D-Pad above it. But there are some shortcuts which are also available on the phone like shortcuts for MyJio, Jio TV, Jio Video and Jio Music apps, this is not enough it also has a dedicated button for a torch.

First look of Reliance Jio Featured Phone

First look of Reliance Jio Feature Phone

As of now not much specification are being disclosed, and on the image, the manufacturer is also being hidden.
This Jio feature phones will be used by the people who want the benefit of unlimited calling, which is going to start at just Rs. 149 a month.

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