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Five Myths About The MCAT

“MCAT” refers to the Medical College Admission Test, which is required from every applicant planning on going to medical school in Canada and the United States. The test evaluates the applicants’ science reasoning, knowledge, writing, and communication skills. The Association of American Medical College is in charge of the test as well as grading the applicants. Medical College Admission Tests assist medical schools in making a comparison between their applicants through different metrics are also used in addition to scores, such as the school attended, personal experience, and the research done. Some myths regarding the MCAT include:

The MCAT Determines Medical School Attendance

The MCAT stands as one of the most important premedical requirements of a student. However, despite having an impressive MCAT mark there are other factors that play an important role in ensuring the admission of a student. That includes remaining confident and knowledgeable during interviews and having a good and unique personal statement. It is important to understand that many students who score low marks on the test still get admission to medical colleges. Students, therefore, need to understand that the MCAT remains as just as one of the requirements for joining a medical school. The test alone cannot measure the intelligence of a student, and medical schools want students who are well-rounded and capable.

Retaking the MCAT Looks Bad

The MCAT is an extremely difficult test. However, medical schools understand that a student may find it difficult to understand and perform well with this style of testing. On the other hand, one could have just had a difficult time understanding the material. Most schools will always be willing to overlook the first attempt as long as you eventually pass your exam. In other instances, schools may average the scores you received on the retake and the original exam. Different schools look at MCAT in varying ways. However, no school will reject an applicant just because they’ve taken the exam more than once. If you’re not sure whether you should retake the exam or are unsure how to increase your score, look for an MCAT tutor to help you.

You’re Naturally Good or Bad at Taking the MCAT

There are students that seem to naturally have the ability to think critically, which gives them an advantage over other students. However, this advantage is determined more by your attitude and determination as every student has the ability to learn to reason and think critically. Most of the students that seem to be naturally good at the MCAT are that way because they’ve had the help of experts and MCAT tutors, but all students need to practice their butt off and learn how to think regarding the MCAT. Through extensive practice, focus, and with some help, you will eventually find yourself acting like a natural too.

Every Question Counts on the MCAT

All questions in the MCAT remain important. However, the student needs to concentrate more on the questions that they understand and comprehend first. Later, you can use your judgment to go back and respond to harder questions. All questions have equal weight, so it is important to prioritize what you know and come back to the more difficult questions, that way you don’t run out of time.

Just Cram Before Your MCAT

Most students study for their exams every time they prepare to take the MCAT. Therefore, the need to review effectively for the exam is important. Students need to ensure that they study and actually absorb what they are learning to ensure that they understand and pass their exams. Proper studying for the MCAT is the key to performing well on exam day. Cramming the night before, or even the days leading up to the exam is only going to create anxiety and make it more likely that you will confuse yourself. Remember that good preparation leads to success.

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