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FreeCharge, Indus OS Partner to Launch Recharge 2.0 Platform

The India’s most innovative technologies leaders have made a partnership together, the Indus OS and FreeCharge. Indus OS is the world’s first Regional OS. And tying-up with Indus OS FreeCharge is introducing the Recharge 2.0 technology, which is integrated with the Indus Dialer. The product will simplify the recharge experience for India smartphone users powered by FreeCharge.
The data analysis company suggested that the 95% of the mobile subscriber have pre-paid connections, and some people prefer data plan to have fixed the monthly charge, with a limited amount of data. Recharge 2.0 will minimize this gap and will introduce a comprehensive analysis of the consumer’s data usages pattern. It will also provide a real-time update and will offer more feasible plans.

recharge powered by freecharge
The dialer will allow users one-touch access on the phone dialer to recharge via FreeCharge. It will also show the current balance on the main screen. It will also give users low balance alert, plan history analysis, expenses of every call, money spent on each contact and much more.
The feature is exclusively available to 6 million plus Indus OS users. The OS has right now 7.6% market share in India. The OS is targeting the next 100 million Indians, for this, the company is partnering closely with various stakeholders.
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