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Gaana enhances music streaming experience from Facebook


Gaana.com, the Indian music streaming website and app has launched. The India’s first music streaming bot a new innovative product, which features as Gaana Facebook Messenger Bot. Gaana is a very simple and innovative app for music lover, the app features local music integration and wallet and many other useful things.


The Gaana Facebook messenger Bot is inside the messenger app, which will sync with your Facebook account. Right now, the Gaana bot offers these features:

  • Receive updates about the fresh songs from gaana.com
  • Search anything on Gaana.com and Share it to your Facebook Friends
  • Send your feedback to Gaana
  • Go to the app/website directly from Facebook messenger

Gaana users will also get the facility to customize the Gaana bot by logging on m.me/gaana.com . The Gaana team is right now focusing on creating Gaana bot more conversational to its user, in future it will also read your personalized music content, to make sure you get your favorite music check and also deliver some new genre in music.

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