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Get Xiaomi Mijia IR Sensor Night Light from GearBest for $8.99 [Coupon]

Ever had trouble with turning on lights in the dark? In night times, sometimes it becomes a difficult task to find the switches and sometimes you hit some object and get hurt. That’s not really a healthy approach. To tackle this sort of problem, Xiaomi came up with a great idea – Mijia, an IR sensor and photosensitive night light. It is great because it can automatically sense darkness and will turn itself on. Therefore no need to worry about darkness.

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Coming to Xiaomi Mijia IR Sensor Night Light design specifications, it is made of eco-friendly ABS material and a high-density polyethene material. The minimalist design adds a unique flavour to life. It looks great and will surely add to the splendour of the house. You can check Gearbest Coupon for More Discounts.

Xiaomi Mijia IR Sensor and Photosensitive Night Light Xiaomi Mijia IR Sensor Night Light comes with a 120-degree sensing angle and sensing distance is up to 5-7 meters. The light can turn automatically on for 15 seconds by using advanced photosensitive sensor and human infrared sensor technology. It also uses the anti-infrared interference function.

Xiaomi Mijia consumes very less power. It is powered by 3 AA batteries. Although the batteries are in not included in the deal, you’ve to buy them separately. It produces light of a warm white colour which is quite optimal for the eyes.

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The product is lightweight and is quite good for use. You can buy it on www.gearbest.com at 8.99$ using the Coupon code “GB11MJ“.

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