Haptik’s AI chatbot boosts fan engagement for Mumbai Indians on WhatsApp

Haptik's AI chatbot boosts fan engagement for Mumbai Indians on WhatsApp

To further advance fan interaction for the Mumbai Indians, the conversational commerce solutions pioneer Haptik has maintained its cooperation with the team to develop a state-of-the-art chatbot.

Live scores are only one of several features included into this WhatsApp chatbot. It provides a FAQ section, shares movies and GIFs with viewers, and even has a dedicated channel for viewers to learn about different subscription tiers.

Since partnering with Haptik in January 2021, MI has amassed close to 1.5 million interactions with its fans. With consumers interacting with the chatbot in English, Hindi, and Marathi, the chatbot has produced an automation rate of 94.2% and shown Haptik’s potent multilingual capabilities as a platform supporting 100+ worldwide languages.

Haptik CEO Aakrit Vaish says, “We take great satisfaction in our work with the Mumbai Indians and the introduction of new fan involvement. Successfully attracting and retaining fans is crucial for major sports clubs like the Mumbai Indians. Our chatbot creates a personalised experience for Mumbai Indians supporters, which keeps them coming back for more. We’re certain that our strategies will improve the bottom line for the Mumbai Indians and drive unprecedented levels of fan participation.

The chatbot is an all-inclusive tool that streamlines and individualises the fan experience with their favourite team. Mumbai Indians have established themselves as a leader in fan interaction and not only on the pitch with this relationship.

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