Honor Smart TV Could come with a Pop-up Camera


We all are aware of smartphones with a pop-up camera. But now we have a smart TV with a pop-up camera, design and developed by Honor, a brand owned by Huawei technologies. Among all the new line of smart tv’s under the “Honor Smart Screen” banner, the first smart TV in the line-up will be unveiled at the upcoming Huawei Developer Conference which is scheduled to be held from August 9, 2019 – August 11, 2019. Most probably the first Smart screen Tv will be launched on August 10.

The first Smart Screen TV by Honor features a display of 55-inch. It also features a front-facing pop-up camera for video calling and to recognize users for allowing access to particular channels. It is powered by the all-new Honghu 818 chip, specifically designed for IoT devices. The chip will provide support in seven different areas including HDR, super-segmentation, noise reduction, dynamic contrast enhancement and automatic colour management. It also supports 8K and 4K video decoding and up to 64MP image decoding.

For now, the first smart screen TV will only be launched in China. However, Honor has confirmed that will be launching this smart screen TV soon in India. The company claims that the upcoming Honor TV is much more than just a Smart TV.

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