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How a Picture to Text Converter works and its Benefits

The world witness new innovations in tech on a daily basis. Image OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools also fall under the category of revolutionary tech innovations. As technology is supposed to bring comfort in our daily life. The same is the case with the image OCRs. These useful tools work in such a way that they extract valuable written data in any given picture to text in a fraction of seconds.  Here is how the OCR technology works:

The working of these tools is to load the image as a bitmap. The features of an image like resolution and inversion are also taken into account. These features are amongst the factor impacting image OCR at a great level. The photos are scaled and modified according to OCR requirements.

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In the next step which is called zoning, page layout analysis is carried out during this step. The OCR algorithm divides the page into various text blocks, images, and tables, which are further divided into lines, words, and, eventually, characters that are identified using the Ascii code.

Users can use these tools to extract useful text from the images and use the text later. It could be an excellent option for students, professionals, and even writers who like to add some great quotes in the images to their writings.

In this article, we will discuss the general benefits of the picture to text converter and how various companies from multiple verticals of the industry are using this technology to get an advantage from it. Further details are given below:

Benefits of Picture to Text Converter


There are various benefits of using these tools. Some of them are listed below:

  • Regardless of the profession, whether you are a student, a software developer, a Chartered Accountant, or belong to any other job. It is a fact that we have to deal with loads of data during our daily life. In spite of advancements in technology, we all know that a whole lot of data is still present in the humongous chunks of papers.

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With the presence of image OCR tools, you can reduce a considerable amount of the time and money spent on performing data entry manually. Instead of typing and writing the data, you can simply scan the documents and extract the written data in the form of digital text and save it to the storage for further processing and use.

  • You don’t have to spend several hours while searching for a paper that contains valuable data for business. Save yourself and your companions from this unforeseen torture and simply scan the images using OCR. After scanning the documents and extracting the accurate text from it, save the text in the database for easy access to the data without any effort.
  • The world in which we live today asks for constant changes. Any business should be ready for the unforeseen changes and stay prepared to adjust accordingly. If you have data saved in your database through OCR. You would be able to respond to the changes quickly by making slight modifications in already saved data instead of making a new document again.
  • A slight mistake could make your business pay a considerable amount of money in the loss. It is absolutely necessary to keep your business record and documentation free of errors to avoid any future embarrassment and loss.  OCR could be used for the prevention of errors. With the use of OCR technology, you would be able to make sure that there is no misprint or mistake in the data. With the help of this proofreading level, you would be able to detect errors and resolve them in quick errors.
  • Another great advantage of using OCR would be the availability of space. The written data in hard form could occupy loads of space, which could be used for some other productive purposes. It would eventually save money, as well.

Industries using OCR:

tiny-scannerWe have listed some use cases for OCR technology below. These use cases are written below:

Transportation and Logistics Industry:

A lot of organizations belonging to the transportation and logistics industry are making use of OCR for their industrial works. OCR is an excellent solution to the time taken by processing, tracking, and shipping parcels and goods. So, this technology is implemented by various organizations to reduce the amount of time spent in the processes as mentioned above considerably.

Instead of entering the long tracking numbers and addresses manually, employees can simply scan the text to extract the required data from the label of a package quickly. With a reduced amount of labor, the packages are shipped and delivered swiftly, thus enhancing the services considerably.

Banking Vertical:

OCR is also making its space in the banking sector swiftly. Mobile banking apps are using camera features to make banking simple. Moreover, banking through these apps is also becoming more efficient.  The mobile banking apps powered with OCR enable the consumers to scan different kinds of documents on the go instead of being present in the bank for this purpose. They can simply scan a variety of documents from the app which would be eventually stored in the database of the bank, all thanks to OCR.

Healthcare Industry:

Healthcare is also amongst the industries which are getting the advantages of OCR technology to the fullest. Data from hand-written and printed documents including medical reports, pathology results, prescription slips, and patient health records could be easily saved to the database instead of entering the required data again and again.

This process is supposed to make sure that data is accurate and improve the level of care of patients as well. It could go a step ahead of the current use of OCR in the HealthCare industry. Could you imagine the entire medical history of a particular patient saved in an accessible database in the form of searchable and editable data? The relevant people could be able to access the data where and whenever they need it. Sounds cool? Yes, it is coming!


In this article, we have discussed various details regarding the OCR technology, which is used to convert image to text, which is editable and readable by computer systems. We have also explained its working, benefits, and which industries are already using it for enhancement in services. We hope this article would be helpful for you in getting a sound idea about the benefits of image OCR technology.

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