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How bar codes are used in hospitals to save lives

Running Hospitals with Bar codes

Managing a hospital efficiently is often a matter of life or death. It involves the huge task of organising all the resources within each part of the hospital to best help each patient that comes through the doors. Fast and efficient service is crucial. Hospitals around the world are welcoming any way of increasing the quality of their treatment of patients.

How bar codes are used in hospitals to save lives?

How do bar codes help hospitals run more efficiently and effectively? How exactly are they used to improve the overall treatment of each patient? The technology associated with them is constantly developing.

Every day, people find new and innovative ways to utilize them to make the world a better place. Buy Bar codes South Africa is thrilled to be at the forefront of this revolution. We are ready to be part of the solution to all of your business’s barcoding needs.

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Firstly, bar codes have been used in hospitals to streamline the process of admitting patients. Each patient receives a wristband when they are admitted to the hospital. When they are scanned, it will bring up all the information relating to this specific patient. For example, contact details, reasons for being admitted, treatment notes, required medication and specific diet.

In this way, communication is enhanced throughout the hospital. The doctors and nurses all know exactly how to treat this patient, what to feed them, what medication to give, etc. This limits the likelihood of making errors. In a hospital setting, mistakes can mean losing life and are to be avoided at all costs.

These barcoded wristbands enable hospitals to give the best and most efficient service to patients.  The more informed the care personnel are, the better they can treat each patient. The nursing staff will be aware of any food or medication allergies that the patient may have.

The nurses will accurately provide each patient with the correct medication at the correct dose at the correct time.  In this way, they have improved the care and treatment of patients in South Africa and worldwide.

How bar codes are used in hospitals to save lives

The format used in this process is called Quick Response codes, as per the Uses of Quick Response Codes in Healthcare Education. They are two-dimensional and characterised by various dots and shapes set against a black background. This square image is scanned by any two-dimensional scanner.

It can even be scanned by a Smartphone. By scanning this code on a patient’s wristband, hospital staff will be linked to a website that contains all the patient’s information. They are versatile and instrumental because they can store a lot more information than the more traditional one-dimensional format such as the EAN and UPC bar codes.

We can provide you with top-quality QR codes that will be linked to whichever website you choose. These can be used within your business to promote your business’s image and any specials or promotions you are running. They are also used in various payment applications such as SnapScan.

Secondly, they have been used to regulate and manage the Blood bank as per Coding in blood banks. The correct blood type must be given to the correct patient. Each type of blood will have its own corresponding code coming from the blood bank. In this way, they help control the entire Blood bank and make sure that it is one hundred per cent accurate and safe.

Another way that they are used within hospitals is to control access to restricted areas. Certain areas of the hospital are off-limits to patients and unauthorised persons. This is for everyone’s safety. The authorised staff to have access to these areas of the hospital will have a key card with bar codes on them.

To gain access, all they will have to do is to scan it against a door panel. This will open the door and give them the access they need. In this way, they have made hospitals a lot safer for both staff and patients alike. One of the most important tasks within a hospital is to control the dispensing of medication.

This is an area that is often abused. Many hospitals are now using bar codes to control their stock levels of medication and ensure that the right medication reaches the right patient and that no unauthorised person can gain access to any medication. This saves both money and lives.

The formats that are used in this process are EAN and UPC bar codes. They are one-dimensional codes that originate from America but have spread throughout the world. The EAN format is thirteen digits long, and UPC is twelve digits long. They are used to track inventory in hospitals and throughout the retail sector in the sales process.

These EAN and UPC bar codes are the most common retail formats. You will see them if you enter any supermarket in South Africa, such as Spar or Woolworths. They are used to facilitate the sales process and ensure that all items are rung up correctly on the sales system, thereby saving the business time and money.

We are excited to be part of this new era of technology that helps save lives throughout the world. We provide the full range of top quality bar codes at the most reasonable prices. We are here to assist you in initiating a system within your business. Our packs come with a certificate of authentication that guarantees that these they are yours alone.

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