How to make your pc a secret machine

Heyyo guys finally back after a long time with a awesome and a new type of technological post which is very easy and helpful to do. You guys must me thinking what exactly it is. So, I will not take more time let’s start.

It is a way through which you can make your personal computer a secret device which can only and used by you only and no one else will be able to assess it which the use of the secret device which is easy to make but not everyone knows it.

I just found a video on video which show it exactly how it is being done and make other fools and make them show you are a genius. Though this trick you will be the only one who can see the pc work and no one else can do it.

The thing you need for this is:

  1. Cutter
  2. Scissors
  3. Polarized filter
  4. Old specs frame

For further Watch the video below to know exactly what you have to do, to make the secret device work with you only which is beneficial in many ways.


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