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HTC Sense Companion arrives on U Ultra, U Play smartphones


HTC the Taiwan’s Smartphone giant has announced the launch of HTC Sense Companion on its smartphone, HTC U Ultra and HTC U play. The HTC Sense companion has some intruding features like a helpful recommendation to improve device performance. The Companion app will also give you reminders to charge the device or bring a power back for a long day out. It will also give estimated time for arrival when you’re driving in traffic. The app features don’t just end here, it will also give you clothing suggestions, like taking the umbrella with you on rainy days.

The officials at HTC has said that they will be introducing new features soon. Such as,

·         Restaurant recommendations based on your location.

·         Fitness report based on total step counts and distance moved.

·         Interest suggestions based on your current locations.

Language support will also roll out very soon. If in any case, you haven’t received the updated HTC sense app please download it manually from the Google play store, re-launch it and log in, you’ll see the changes. HTC will introduce more card soon so keep patient. HTC Companion learns from you so you may have to give some additional permission if you’re using android marshmallow.

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