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Indian Government Unblock 32 Websites in India


The government ordered unblocking of 32 websites as according to the report these websites were used by terrorists. Director-General of Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), Gulshan Rai confirmed the order.Indian Government Unblock 32 Websites in India

“Order was issued on Thursday to unblock all 32 websites that were blocked following complaint of Maharashtra Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) that ISIS is disseminating content through them. The sites get blocked after order from the Mumbai Court included some popular ones like dailymotion.com, weebly.com, github.com, vimeo.com, pastebin.com, among others.

According to reports, the sites contained material which are not be allowed or not legal according to the Indian law. Officials stated that these websites were being used to induce Indian youth to join ISIS. Some websites were unblocked in December while the rest have been ordered to be unblock now.

These websites were blocked under Section 69A of Information and Technology Act. However, the move was protested by many internet freedom activists as there are no clear procedures related to banning of websites by the government.Finally, Indian Government Unblock 32 Websites  in India the following Websites are :

List Of Unblocked Websites in Indian

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