Microsoft has confirmed that its next Windows 10 Technical Preview will be available to download as an ISO. Current releases have been seeded through Windows Update to those registered for the Windows Insiders program only.

Microsoft did eventually provide an ISO release for its most recent Windows 10 preview — build 9879 — but it came several weeks after the Windows Update roll out. But Gabriel Aul, head of the Windows Insider program, has confirmed that the next build will be available in ISO form from day one.

That means users can download the ISO and either put it on a flash drive or burn it to a disk and perform a fresh Windows 10 install on a clean drive. Those who download the previews through Windows Update have the option to install them over their existing operating system as an upgrade only.

Aul didn’t confirm when the next Windows 10 build will be available, but he did say we’ll know more on January 21 — the day of Microsoft’s next Windows 10 press conference, which is expected to see the release of the first “Consumer Preview.”



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