LeEco Super3 4k Smart TV – Everything you need to know


LeEco, the company who makes their presence by shaking the smartphone market in the previous year and now there are back again with the bang of a trio. They have launched their television with some incredible disruptive pricing.

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If you want to buy a New LeEco Super3 4K Tv this season, then this one is meant for you. No other company is offering such big thing at this price. The X55 is a great buy because of its brilliant display, design and the premium subscription that comes with the TV. So if you want a smart TV in your house to go for it.

You can buy LeEco 4k TVs from:-

  • LeEco Super3 55x TV (Rs 59,789)- Buy Now
  • LeEco Super3 65x TV (Rs 99,789)  – Buy Now
  • LeEco Super3 65x Max TV (Rs 149,789) – Buy Now
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