Livpure i-taste RO – A smart Water Purifier


Livpure, which is one of the India’s leading water purity brand has come up with a new innovation in the Indian market. Livpure has come up with India’s 1st Smart RO which can control the taste of purified water.

The Livpure i-taste is a smart, innovative & wi-fi enabled water purifier that can also be controlled using your smartphone via android app. It automatically communicates with the Livpure service center for preventive maintenance/filter replacement and you no need to remember the dates for that. This product also added up with some health edge Anti-oxidant and Mineralizer Cartridge which makes it advanced 8 stage water purifier that can provide hot, warm & ambient water dispensing.

Along with i-taste, Livpure also launched a water dispenser named as  knight. It is a premium water purifier cum dispenser with RO+UV+UF & Taste Enhancer. knight also has 8-stage purification with hot & cold water dispensing.
Livpure also has an entry level RO, model Glitz+ (RO+UF) which is mostly focused on provide pure drinking for budget segment consumers.

Livpure currently has 400 service centers, 800 service people and more than 500 distributors. They are having the presence in 22 states and is available in more than 14000 outlets.

Coming to the pricing:

  • i-taste is priced at Rs. 27999 (MRP)
  • knight is priced at Rs. 31999 (MRP)
  • Glitz+ is priced at Rs 10999 (MRP)
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