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McAfee Facilitates Digital Transformation With Product Innovations Across Device To Cloud Expanse

McAfee is a device to cloud cybersecurity company. McAfee today launched a new and innovative product under its McAfee MVISION portfolio. The product is the first of all it’s kind cloud-based product family that allows organizations to model and provide security in terms as they move to the cloud.

The new product features lie within:

  1. McAfee MVISION Cloud
  2. McAfee MVISION Endpoint
  4. McAfee MVISION ePO

The main aim of building this product was to help the organization to protect the data and stop threats across devices, networks, and the cloud.

Rajiv Gupta, senior vice president and general manager of the cloud security, said that the mission is to deliver comprehensive data and threat defense across our customer’s device to cloud expanse and to give users the capabilities they need to act in a decisive and timely manner to mitigate risk.

McAfee MVISION Cloud

This platform enables organizations to adopt cloud services with the requisite security, governance, and compliance they need.

New feature includes:

  1. The new Gateway Antimalware Engine aims to detect zero-day attacks in a matter of milliseconds rather than minutes or hours.
  2. It provides an objective and peer-compared assessment of the maturity of an organization’s cloud security posture, recommendations, and workflows to improve maturity.
  3. It helps to reduce risk and provide insights into the business value of their MVISION Cloud deployment.
  4. It provides the ability for organizations to involve end-users in the Incident Remediation

McAfee MVISION Endpoint and McAfee MVISION EDR

McAfee offers them as an integrated deployment, where native security controls, advanced behavioral analysis, and credential theft monitoring operate together to elevate threat event data for investigation and remediation.

 New feature includes:

  1. Identifies and prioritizes suspicious behavior from contextually rich endpoint data.
  2. It helps to guide and automate in-depth investigations to reduce the tactical strain on security analysts.
  3. It enables rapid response with direct actions and broader integration to the security ecosystem.


Security management is complex and requires unwieldy maneuvering between tools and data.

New feature includes:

  1. Expanded MVISION support for native operating system encryption, including Microsoft Bitlocker and Apple FileVault, for added data security capabilities.
  2. It helps the customers vet policy changes for quality control
  3. It helps the customers vet policy changes for risk management.
  4. McAfee can provide the cloud-native SaaS offering in additional countries, including through data centers in Sydney, Singapore, and Frankfurt

McAfee EPO

To further streamline management with the industry-acclaimed integrated console, which is available on-premises and from the cloud, McAfee EPO now offers:

  1. Simplified Upgrade Process: Provides cumulative updates, so customers stay current and secure. The process reduces the time spent on maintenance and upgrade activities.
  2. Support Center Extension: Provides insight and guidance into the health of McAfee ePO elements.
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