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MEGA file-sharing app now available for Windows Phone


With such turbulent past, the organization is quick to push the lawfulness of the administration, also is protection and security. The information being transferred is scrambled on the customer gadget before sending, so not one or the other your Internet supplier, nor MEGA, nor any other person can get to it. That is, unless you choose to impart it, obviously.

At 50gb of free online storage room its additionally a standout amongst the most liberal offers out there. It’s entertaining, on the other hand, how the MEGA page in the Windows Phone application store suggests Firefox or Chrome for desktop utilization.

In Short,mega is a protected distributed storage benefit that provides for you 50gb free of charge. Dissimilar to other distributed storage suppliers, your information is scrambled and decoded by the customer gadgets just and never by us.

Your information is open at whatever time, from any gadget, anyplace. Offer organizers with your contacts and see their upgrades progressively.

The cloud in your pocket. Access your records from your cell phone or tablet. Transfer and sync your media to the cloud.

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