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Micron Announces Next-Generation Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory


Crucial, Micron’s global brand has today announced a high-performance Crucial Ballistix for gamers and extreme overclocking enthusiast. The Crucial Ballistix is engineered by using leading-edge Micron die and featuring an all-new design identity. There are two new memory lines that was announced today:

  1. Crucial Ballistix
  2. Crucial Ballistix MAX.

Crucial Ballistix memory line

  1. It offers a range of speeds from 2400MHz to 3600MHz and densities of 4GB to 32GB.
  2. It features a modernized aluminum heat spreader in black, red, or white. RGB options include 8 zones with 16 LEDs. The RGB options can be customized and controlled using popular RGB software.
  3. It is available in desktop (DIMM) or laptop (SODIMM)* form factors and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Crucial Ballistix MAX memory line

  1. It delivers speeds from 4000MHz to 4400MHz and densities of 8GB and 16GB.
  2. It features high-quality extruded black aluminum heat spreaders for maximum heat dissipation.
  3. Ballistix MAX DIMM modules include integrated precision thermal sensors for real-time temperature monitoring.
  4. RGB options feature 8 zones with 16 LEDs. The RGB options can be customized and controlled with support from ASUS Aura, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, and MSI Mystic Light software.
  5. It is available in desktop (DIMM) form factors and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  6. It is available in speeds from 2666MHz to 3200MHz and capacities of 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB.

To know more visit the link: www.crucial.com/gaming

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