Microsoft Teases Windows 1.0, Wait, What?

SSB: Just 10 seconds, Turn your Mac into Windows

Windows social media management team has recently released a sizzler teaser video and “introduced” windows 1.0 on Instagram and Twitter. Yes! You heard it right, after the launch of Windows 1.0 in November 1985, it is back and is a topic of discussion for everybody.

The video is basically a combination of all the logos that windows have used over the years. The video ends with the Windows 1.0 logo- a logo that Microsoft is using as a display picture on various social media websites. The major highlight is the caption of the video post, which says that “all new Windows 1.0”. However, the social media management team has managed to create all the hype because within 22 hours the teaser video has crossed 90,000 views on Instagram.


The other thing worth noticing was that the window’s Instagram account has removed all its past posts except the Window’s 1.0 teaser. Hence, the company is either hyping over something very big or is planning to start something from the very beginning.

It is hard to predict what Microsoft is up to but it is definitely related to Windows 1.0. So stay tuned because according to Microsoft, more information is yet to come!!

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