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So finally it’s here. San Francisco based company lands in India. The Phone that make its awesome presence in USA, because of its USP which is 100 GB free cloud storage due to which you will never run out of data. But will it Survive in India?, lets check it out.NextBit-Robin-front-camera-and-sensors-techniblogic

The place where getting a working Internet Connection is a huge challenge with astonishingly slow speed, here comes the Nextbit Robin the Device from San Francisco. The USP of the device is its cloud storage, but when we keep this thing aside and come to the overall aspect, take my words you will love it after taking this thing in your hand.



When all the other companies are making almost the same kind of design with same metal built, and almost same kind of colors and looks here it comes with some different rectangular shape design and plastic? yes made up of plastic but top quality plastic which feels so classy while you hold it. A perfect fit with 5.2″ display.


It’s a boxy like device with dual front facing speaker. There are 4 LEDs underlying the cloud at the back side of the device. It offers really good matte feel, and the built quality is awesome.


while on the sides there are two mint color dots which are actually the volume rockers, they give quite good hap-tic feedback and is quite clicky while you click them.


When we come to the other side of the device it is having a Sim tray which only supports single sim, which can be drawback for few of the users. Upon the sim tray there is a Power lock key which also has a fingerprint scanner which is really very good and has good response time, But here when sometime you want to find the fingerprint it is quite difficult as it is being stayed within the body and you wont feel the button or something like that.



When we come to the Storage of the device it comes with 32GB of inbuilt storage which is enough for some of you but it also offers a smart storage option which make this robin something unique, But for that you need to have a high speed internet with you. The device saves all your data on to the cloud (As per your permission) and you can only see small files (like cache) and need a internet connection to load the full size image from the cloud.

The Apps which you don’t use on the frequent will be transferred to your personal and Nextbit Cloud space (100GB). The app data will still remain on the phone only the .APK file is being moved on cloud, and when ever you want is just tap on that app it will be directly loaded on to your phone.


The apps which you don’t want to be moved on cloud just click on it drag on the home screen and pin it over there and now it will be leaving your phone. You can also choose the files to be uploaded only while on WiFi.



When we come to the camera of the device it comes with 13MP Dual tone LED Flash which captures a decent quality of pictures and has a really good wide angle lens. Some of the camera samples are loaded below, they are low light images almost no light in the room. The front facing camera it comes with is MP which is also decent while taking picture.

Nextbit robin Camera sample 4 - techniblogic Nextbit robin Camera sample 3 - techniblogic Nextbit robin Camera sample 2 - techniblogic Nextbit robin Camera sample low light - techniblogic

Overall if you want something new and unique in your life just go for it.


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  1. Robin is a decent enough phone, even if we completely ignore its cloud based storage, I have been using it for some time and I am impressed with the device,
    Great post, thanks.

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