No. 1 the well known chinese brand for all kind of fitness trackers and smartwatches, that too in very affordable pricing and has launched their new smartwatch with all kind of functionality named as G8.

The smartwatch even included adding functionality of sim card, and can be also used as a phone. This time No. 1 has also worked a lot on their design and given G8 more sporty and premium look.


They have also added 3 modes in the watch where you can save power, you can put the watch on  phone mode and third where sim card and other functionalities will work. Personally as of now we have not tested the watch but hopefully soon we will be coming out with full review soon.

When we come to the connectivity part of NO.1 G8, it comes with Bluetooth 4.0 for syncing your data with your smartphone if needed by you. This smartwatch can be supported by both Android system as well as iOS users.  They have also modified and updated their second-generation heart rate which is said to be more accurate as per the brand. Nano sim card also support call without phone.
Rest, i think in this price it can be a good smartwatch but let see it in our full review soon.



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