Nokia is coming back

Nokia is back

As we all know in our past nokia is the one of the best top brand company which launches great products with some really great quality.  Nokia ten year old phone can still be used perfectly, now you can assume what kind of quality they provide to there consumers.

Nokia vanished from the market because they was not changing their UI and OS, as the demand is for android and they were stuck on Symbian and then Windows. After few years due to this Microsoft caught and bought Nokia and start launching nokia devices with Windows OS. After that also it was not going well for them and after few year they just vanished, but still there featured phones are in huge demand which is being sold by a company named HMD. HMD owns the existing Nokia branded feature phone business, and also provides global market reach.

Now HMD is working on  entering globally by create a new generation of Nokia branded mobile phones by getting an exclusive 10-year brand licensing agreement. They have also announced to that a new Nokia smartphones, which will be based on Android OS will be available in H1 2017.

So, let see what is going to be there in 2017 from Nokia, becuase still people want that quality and brand which people still trust from long back.

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