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Panasonic opens its an Exclusive 4K Imaging Pro center in India


Panasonic India has inaugurated the first Video and still photography School in India. The store is located in Connaught Place, and it is spread across 850 Sq. ft. Panasonic is aiming to promote 4K and 6K photo technology to its users. The store is also a place for tech enthusiastic users for queries on camera operations and any other issues.

First of its kind innovative store for Panasonic customers in Connaught Place, New Delhi.”

Panasonic opens its an Exclusive 4K Imaging Pro center in India 1

The store is a one-stop solution for wedding, Documentary, Fashion, Advertising photographer, etc. it offers in-depth understanding of camera, hands-on training workshop for camera professionals. The workshop for professional will cover depth knowledge of 4K technology, post-production, and new models.

“Weekly workshops to be conducted for aspiring and professional Photographers.”

The store will be equipped with an entire range of innovative products, that company has recently launched and will be offering at the store in 2017. The school will have space for shooting and displaying videos, which will create an interest in consumers on the learning basis. Panasonic Wedding Camera line-up will also be displayed at the store targeting towards the Wedding market.

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