Reliance Jio affect: Vodafone launches unlimited local call plan

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Since Reliance launched their Jio SIM, the world of telecom has been taken it as storm and other Rival like Airtel and Vodafone are trying every bit of their strength to make sure their customer stays happy, and in the verge of that Vodafone has rolled out Plans for Unlimited local calls.

Vodafone is offering this plan to their pre-paid consumers, where they can get the unlimited local calls and 3GB data after paying 499 INR. The plan has not yet been public but it has been rolled out in some phase to selected consumers through SMS.

Reliance Jio affect: Vodafone launches unlimited local call plan

According to a post by Vodafone is offering this plan for several days for selected users because there is no prior information about the plan whatsoever on the Vodafone official website. The customer is maybe selected on the basis of their data consumption or maybe they are the alpha tester of the plan itself.

Overall the over is valid till November 8, 2016 and user can avail the offer within 4 hour of recharge.

Note: Subscriber are advised to call the customer care and enquire about the eligibility of the offer before going for any recharge.

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