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Researchers Makes Batteries 400x Times Longer

Now a days, Smartphones are upgrading and new technology has been added in your hands but there is only one problem that is to run your super smartphone or your portable device power is always needed.Batteries are the major issue in highly up-gradation of the portable device as higher the specs may needed high amount of power to run it long.Researchers Makes Batteries that can help the future devices to grow more fastly.

Recently,Researchers Accidentally Make Batteries Last 400 Times Longer then now .They made such battery which has over 200,000 charge cycles.This is a great path towards the future will be with more smaller and faster portable devices.

via popsci.com

Smartphones, tablets, and all other electronics completely rely on rechargeable batteries but after a certain time period of usage their power will be lose.The batteries of today are mainly lithium, and over time that lithium corrodes inside the battery.


Even a very little amount of gold is used in this battery it would still make these batteries be expensive to produce.As they are researching on various metals which can replace the gold elements and make it cheaper to use and produce.

For more technical details related to the Great Research of these batteries you can check out Source 1 | Source 2

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