These days in Delhi and even in Indian Air pollution is the most vital problem which we are facing and also going to face in near future if we are not going to start working on it. S’o, to help us RespoKare, launched a very affordable reusable and highly effective anti-pollution mask. As of now this is the only available mask in the market that will protect you from the wearer from both PM 2.5 particles and toxic gases like NO2. In RespoKare mask we also get a features of “Pollution Indicator” that indicates level of NO2 gas.

RespoKare Anti-Pollution Mask launched at affordable pricing 1

Commenting at the launch of RespoKare Anti-Pollution Mask, Ms Shivani Gupta, Founder of Clean Air Store, said, “UltrafinePM2.5, PM10 particulatesand toxic gaseswhich remain suspended in the air and enter the respiratory system with inhalation cause a host of complications of both pulmonary and cardiovascular nature. We want people to better understand the quality of air they breathe day in and day out during regular outdoor work, travelling on 2-wheelers or even health based activities like cycling, jogging and walking.In order to address these unfavourable effects of air pollution in India, this new variant of anti-pollution masks would keep you protected. Brilliantly designed, this stylish mask helps you combat the alarming rate of outdoor air pollution.”

RespoKare is priced at Rs. 399 and is available on the company’s retail site. You can also buy the same from flipkart and other leading pharmacies and convenience stores in Delhi NCR. Till the time we are not understand about the pollution we need to use it.


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