Smartron, the Indian company which was founded in 2016, by our well known cricketer Mr. Sachin Tendulkar. The company has already launched 2 of there different products in the market, Smartron T-book & t-Phone. Both of there previous products are doing well in the market and finally they have announced their investment and partnership in Volta Motors which is a Chennai based automotive start-up specially for designing and developing electric vehicles for India and for the global market. So, from now onwards the company will be eventually christened as Tron Motors, a Smartron Company.

Volta Motors till now designed and developed India’s first cross-over electric bike ‘VOLTA ZAP’. Under the hood of new company there are going to focus more on the production of their products in India. The company is also going to promote healthy and green living.

The main aim for the investment from Smartron’s is to innovate their unique AI powered tronx IoT platform. Smartron is going to extend their unique tronx platform across different range of products like smart home, personalized health, smart energy, intelligent vehicles, smart farming and infrastructure, to bring-in next generation of smart devices, sensors, services and care to consumer, enterprise, industrial and infrastructure markets.

So, overall this partnership is going to be a big game changer for both the companies as well as will be beneficial for India in the growth of IoT.


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