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Soundcore by Anker launches its pocket-sized donut speaker ‘Ace AO’ priced for Rs. 1699/-


Soundcore by Anker is a global leader in technology and it focuses to bring audio to the people. It has recently announced the launch of its mini, pocket-sized speaker named ‘Ace AO’.  The speaker comes in a super compact design that promises an ultra superlative audio experience.  The speaker is suitable for home and travel.


  1. The speakers are compact in design and are portable. They come with a pocket-sized, donut shape and are light-weight.
  2. It features a sleek curved design with an all-in-one button for controls.
  3. The speaker brings audio in mere 2 watts.
  4. The speaker is equipped with deep heavy bass stereo sound and it brings the loudest music with amplifying clarity.
  5. The speaker can play 4 hours of non-stop, loud and clear music from a single charge, along with an extended playtime.
  6. There is a detachable cord that enables the users to conveniently attach Ace A0 to virtually anything whether you are at home, riding a bike, or hanging out with friends.
  7. The speaker can be connected with 2 devices at one time via easy switch between the playlist.

Price and Availability:

The speaker is priced for Rs. 1699/- and it will be soon available for purchase on Flipkart.

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