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Swedish Embassy In India Confirmed On Truecaller For Safe Conversation

The Swedish embassy in India has partnered with Truecaller, the most popular worldwide calling app, to improve the security and dependability of their connections with consumers. All incoming calls from the Embassy will now be labelled with Truecaller’s confirmed blue tick mark and logo, thanks to the company’s Business Identity solutions.

The collaboration between the Swedish Embassy and Truecaller is a reaffirmation of both organisations’ commitment to ensuring the safety and reliability of their people’s communication in an era when visa application frauds are on the rise. Visa applications, consular services, and other contacts with the Embassy are just some of the areas where this alliance hopes to improve and simplify the customer experience.

The Swedish Embassy and Consulate General in Mumbai will each have two of their major contact numbers equipped with Truecaller’s Verified Business Caller ID. This will not only increase user confidence that they are interacting with a legitimate entity, but it will also boost the Embassy’s communication effectiveness. As part of Truecaller’s Government Directory Services, users will be able to instantly access the confirmed numbers.

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