The ‘Leo’ Native AI Assistant Is Currently Being Tested By Brave

The 'Leo' Native AI Assistant Is Currently Being Tested By Brave

The AI helper bandwagon has attracted Brave’s attention. An artificial intelligence (AI) AI Assistant named ‘Leo’ has been built in-house by the firm and integrated directly into the browser. With version 1.59, Brave has also entered the Nightly desktop channel for testing.

In order to connect with websites, users may employ the Leo AI helper. Video transcripts and interactive article summaries are also services that users may request. The AI assistant can reply in the same fashion as other AI-powered chatbots and can even handle follow-up queries.

Brave provides the AI assistant Leo. There are no external AI services used by the AI helper. The team has implemented Meta’s Llama 2, a publicly accessible big language model with open source code. The business guarantees that customer feedback is confidential at all times. Users’ personal information is safe and secure.

Users need not create an account in order to access Neo. Leo’s conversations with Brave users are not used for internal training reasons. Conversations are also temporary. Therefore, users cannot go back and read their previous exchanges. Leo is currently cut off from real-time data. However, an updated version with Brave search capabilities is in the works for release.

Starting today, the Brave Nightly release includes the new Leo browser. Get it from the source and download it here. Regular desktop users may access Leo via the Brave Sidebar button.

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