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The Sony wearable Air Conditioner is the Tiny Mobile AC that you Should have


Sony, a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation has developed a new kind of air conditioner (AC), named as Reon Pocket.  It is the world’s smallest and wearable AC. Yes! You heard it right, a wearable AC. You can wear this portable AC with your clothes.

The Reon Pocket is smaller and lighter than a mobile phone and releases a cool air through a small rear panel. The AC functions with the help of a battery the temperature can be adjusted by smartphone via Bluetooth connection. The battery requires 2 hours for full charging and can last for 90 minutes. The Reon Pocket is a crowdfunded project by Sony. As far now, the project has received 28, 236,670 yen and the target amount is 66,000,000.


The total cost of the potable AC including the undershirt is Rs 8,992.61. the undershirt is available in three different size options- small, medium and large. There is a pocket inside the neck of the undershirt in which the device is inserted.  The device is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The wearable AC is not waterproof but any dirt, sweat, water droplets can be wiped off with a hygroscopic soft cloth. Currently, the product is available only in Japan and costs about Rs 9,000.

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Varnit Yadav
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