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Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Home Security Camera

Incidents of crime have increased exponentially in recent times. People are more concerned about their safety and are getting more aware of the present situation. It is leading people into thinking more about their well-being than ever before. Since people are getting more conscious, they are falling onto precautionary measures to protect and safeguard their family. Home security cameras are one way of surveillance which works best in several scenarios.

Several factors come into play when buying a home security camera. Here are things to keep in mind and questions to ask before stepping into the world of video surveillance.

What is your purpose of installing a Home Security Camera?

One of the first and foremost questions is defining the purpose of a security camera. Home surveillance systems can be used for multiple purposes such as –

  • Security – Installing surveillance camera is a proven deterrent to intruders and becomes handy in case of a burglary.
  • Safety – In an event of a mishap, a security camera can help avert disasters.
  • In-house Surveillance – People with kids or elderly parents can use surveillance to keep an eye on the situation in real time.

Indoor vs. Outdoors

After you have decided your purpose of video surveillance, the next step is to determine if you need indoor or outdoor cameras. An indoor camera will help you keep an eye on everyone in your home. Outdoor cameras are mostly designed for perimeter security and are weatherproof. Some hi-tech cameras even have wipers for the lenses.

Outdoor home security cameras are more expensive, but progressively, cameras are being designed for indoor and outdoor use, and you can use them based on your needs.

Wired Vs. Wireless

Simply put – No camera is wire free. All cameras need a power source, or a power cable and an Ethernet (Internet/Intranet) connection.

Wired cameras offer consistent service and have a better picture quality. They are also less prone to meddling and the notions of the Internet such as the Wi-Fi going down, or vulnerabilities like hacking exploits.

Wireless cameras (also known as IP cameras) are smaller, more unobtrusive, and comparatively easier to install. However, in case the Internet goes down the system is likely to fail. They can be made more reliable by installing a battery backup and buying a Wi-Fi extender to increase more ground.

Choosing the type of Camera

The shape of cameras, their capabilities, image quality, and price are the factors to take into consideration.

  • Dome Cameras – The dome shape of these cameras allows them to be discreet because it is hard to tell the direction the cameras are facing, however being still discernable to the eyes. Dome cameras are also designed with infrared illuminators which permit them to capture videos in low light situations.
  • Bullet Cameras – Bullet Cameras use an extended and narrowed cylinder like design which bears a resemblance to an oversized ammo cartridge. They are mostly used outdoors, and in areas where long distance surveillance is required.
  • Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras – PTZ stands for panning, tilting, and zooming. These cameras can be controlled manually or programmed to act like they are patrolling.
  • C-Mount Cameras – C-Mount CCTV Camera use detachable lenses for different purposes. A varifocal lens is often used because they can be used to fine tune focal distance and the angle of view. They can be zoomed in and out without losing focus.

Camera Capability

  • Motion Detection – As the name suggests a motion detection camera detects the motion in a space and moves accordingly. It helps to limit the amount of footage that is recorded.
  • Facial Recognition – This type of features is especially useful for homes because it will alert you only when it sees unfamiliar faces.
  • Night Vision – A camera which is always in high demand by people looking to protect their homes because most burglaries happen at night.

Image Quality

  • Resolution – Basically, more the resolution the more detailed image is captured by the camera. Resolution is the measure of pixels contained in an image, with higher resolutions images can be zoomed in more effectively.
  • Frame Rate – Frame rate is the number of frames recorded per second. Higher the frame rate, the better the video will be recorded. However, videos with a higher frame rate will take more space on your hard drive.

Choosing a home security camera can be a tricky affair. However, it is imperative to install one in today’s time because of the ever-increasing crime.  Also, for maximum security, get the installation done from a trusted source. Service providers like UrbanClap, offer hassle-free and trusted professionals, who can get the work done with full professionalism and utmost care.

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