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This ultra-portable blade-less mini fan is just $19


Every upcoming year a new temperature record is being broken somewhere in the world. Scorching and unbearable heat during summer often leads to the cancellation of most of the outdoor plans. During the summer, people prefer to live in their houses going out with their friends. But what if, you get the chance to carry a portable travel size air conditioner with you? Somewhere greater minds will be definitely working on that but for now, we have a travel size mini fan for all the users to beat up the heat during the summers.

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With the advancement in technology we now have Whirlwind Blade-Less Mini Fan, you get the chance to carry a portable mini and lightweight fan that can virtually fit inside any bag. It is a perfect travel companion worth $19 that can help you to deal with warm climates.


  1. The mini fan emits a cool breeze via three adjustable fan settings.
  2. The mini fan is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery and a USB port to double a portable charger.
  3. The mini fan is bladeless, so users can enjoy the breeze.


Typically, the mini fan costs for $60, but currently there is a price drop and the mini fan is priced at $18.99

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